Aaffien de Vries

Bio: Aaffien is Counselor Existential Well-Being, Focusing Trainer and Certifying Coordinator. She has a Focusing Practice in guiding individual people and training professionals in the field of mental healthcare, including a two-year program Focusing in Therapy. Aaffien has a son, is married and lives in the Netherlands. www.focuscentrumadv.nl

Aaffien will be accompanied by Marja Kuzmanic, Existential Psycho-Therapist and FOT-in-training. Marja is specialized in working with expats and international students. Marja’s cultural background is mixed Slovenian–Croatian. She has lived/studied in Slovenia, the Netherlands and United Kingdom. Currently, Marja lives in Amsterdam with her Dutch partner and their son. www.inter-being.nl

Focusing Basics for Therapists

Format: Live Workshop

Description: Do you want to help your clients regulate their emotions and find a basic feel “this is me” ?

Do you want to help your clients find the experience of autonomy and responsibility for their own process?

In this pre-conference course you will learn:

• the basics of the very hopeful Philosophy of the Implicit

• how to achieve the bodily knowing for growth and healing

• process-stimulating listening and reflecting

• process-stimulating questions

The content is theoretical and experiential 50/50.

The course will foster your professional as well as your personal growth.

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