The Pre-conference is designed as a live interactive two-day introductory course in Focusing for therapists who are not yet familiar with Focusing, so they can get the most out of the conference.

October 21 and 22

Live Workshop –  Focusing Basics for Therapists by Aaffien de Vries

Total course time: 12 hours - 6 hours per day

October 21 and 22 (October 22 and 23 in Asia and Australasia) 

1:00AM – 4:00AM EDT Your Time Here  and 5:00AM – 8:00AM EDT  Your Time Here


English only

Aaffien de Vries

Live Workshop – Focusing Basics for Therapists by Ann Weiser Cornell
Language -  Offered in English with live Spanish translation.

Total course time: 12 hours - 6 hours per day

​October 21 and 22  (October 22 and 23 in Asia and Australia)


9:00AM – 12:00PM EDT Your Time Here and 1:00PM – 4:00PM EDT  Your Time Here

Ann Weiser Cornell

+1 (845) 480-5111

15 North Mill Street  Suite 210  Nyack NY  10960  US  

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