The Committee


Elizabeth Cantor

I am so proud of and grateful for the committee and their commitment to this conference. With sensitivity and perseverance they stewarded the huge change to an online format and all of the complexity it brings. Brava and Bravo committee!

Ann J team.png

It was pure joy to interview Focusing stars in every corner of the world, and to help create this first online conference with our beloved  team.

Ann Johnston

Thrilled to be supporting this online conference and working with a group of such genuine human beings dedicated to making it as warm and connected as possible!


What a wonderful creative experience TOGETHER! United Creativity coming from our team's magical hearts, making all this miracle space possible. 

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Melanie Korpi

Gaby Riveros


It was a joy to imagine and create this conference with our team, and a deep privilege to connect and work with each person who contributed a presentation. What a rich bountiful harvest!

Edgardo Riveros (14).png

I am very happy and proud to be part of this great team, in which creative energy led us to carry out this first online meeting of psychotherapists from all over the world, under the crucible of the felt sense

Edgardo Riveros

Susan Rudnick

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Jan Winhall 

Working with my Focusing friends has been a nourishing and stimulating  experience. How  lucky am I, especially in Covid times!

All the Team 

Beatrice Blake


Natalia Calviño

James Doga

traducción en vivo entrevista pregrabada Salvador Moreno

y Edgardo Riveros

Kamila Jacobs

Suzanne Noel

Mariana Pisula

Gaby Riveros

Florentina Sassoli



Tech Host


Nicole Cerulli

Vera R. Fryd Lyngmo

Kamila Jacob

Melanie Korpi

Monika Lindner

Mariana Pisula

Agnes Windram